Oh boy, what a ride! We´ve had the privilege to work with some of the most iconic stars the world ever seen, and we can´t thank them enough for putting their trust in us. We´ve helped clients with everything from alienation (ET) to split personalities (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde) and vice versa. It´s not a secret in the business that we he helped Donald Duck with anger management, domestic violence issues (Tom & Jerry), addiction (Sherlock Holmes), rage (Count of Monte Cristo), indetermination (Hamlet), body dysmorphic disorder (Pinocchio), separation (Romeo), delusion (The Emperor), alcoholism (Captain Haddock), paranoia (Sarah Connor), and many many more. We are specialised in helping anyone to overcome personal or professional obstacles with dignity and self reliance. So whether you are for real, fictional, or somewhere inbetween, we want to help you realise your character, personality and biggest ambitions.